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How it works

Firstly, an experienced Mediator meets you and your ex-partner (you can choose whether this is done separately or together) for an Information Meeting, to discuss your options and to check whether mediation is the right way forward for you.

Mediators are professionally obligated to inform you if they do not think that mediation is suitable and they can suggest alternative solutions. Mediation has been proven to be successful in over 80% of cases and this is why it is now part of the judicial process for dispute resolution but it does not work for all and whilst we make no promises, we will adivse you if we do not think this is the right route for you.

If mediation is agreed as the most appropriate route, we then arrange a mediation meeting together with your ex-partner. The Mediator helps you to exchange views and information and to reach agreements which will best meet the need of everyone concerned. It usually takes between three and five meetings to resolve outstanding issues. Every case differs therefore sometimes more meetings are needed to ensure there is an agreed outcome. The Mediator then prepares a written agreement, which records the decisions you have made together. Once complete it can be given to your solicitor to be incorporated into a legally binding agreement.


Mediation is about making positive agreements so that you can move on with your life.

"Our mediator did a tremendous job and acted impartially. You all do a great job"

"My husband and I were at total gridlock. We were able to use the experience of mediation to come to an agreement - wonderful"

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